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Rosemary W. Ngigi
Lead Coach

Rosemary is an inspirational speaker, life coach, and founder of Potensheer.  She is a Certified Trainer of Trainers with a wealth of knowledge and gifting in human potential development.  Her expertise inspires and guides people to discover their life purpose and connect with their potential at the deepest level.  Rosemary is driven by the belief that everyone is born to fulfil a specific purpose and deserves the opportunity and freedom to be all they were created to be.

Prior to founding Potensheer, Rosemary, who holds a Master of Arts in Economics and training in entrepreneurship, worked in various capacities with different institutions including the Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).  She has more recently served as Principal at Motivator Africa where she oversaw, coordinated, and delivered public and motivational speaking training, and delivered life purpose discovery coaching for the public speakers.  Rosemary also currently serves as a panellist at Business Incubation Africa.

Rosemary has in the last six years participated in a wealth of personal development programs covering diverse fields of knowledge including purposeful and holistic living, emotional wellness, leadership, public speaking and entrepreneurship. This has informed her deep understanding of transformative life coaching.  She uses her expertise in transformative coaching to enlighten and equip people to freely express and manifest their true-selves.

Rosemary’s story has been featured on the Pearls and Heels segment of Potentash, the BAKE Awards 2017 Winner.

Stanley Kaguora
Associate Coach

Stanley is a passionate business coach specializing in entrepreneurial guidance for turning viable business ideas into reality.

He is the founder and managing partner at Shana consult.  Shana consult aims at driving innovation in start-ups and SMEs.  Their goal is to ensure that businesses create models that enable them to exploit new markets and remain competitive.

Stanley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and a Master in Business Models and Value Preposition from Strategyzer.

His passion for driving innovation in businesses has seen him speak at the International Women’s Conference 2016 as well as become a preferred panellist and coach for Business Incubation Africa.

Joel Kobia
Associate Coach

Joel is a talented and seasoned self-leadership coach and motivational speaker.  A holder of a Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Strategic Management, Joel has previously served as a Co-operative Bank Relationship Manager and Team Leader at Motivator Africa’s Speakers’ Bureau, and has also delivered training on personal discovery, public and motivational speaking.  These engagements have seen him gained vast skills in leadership and team coaching, business management, and institutional/corporate consultancy. He has worked with institutional and corporate clients in realizing a transformational culture.

Joel is the founder of Royal Lead Consultancy where he currently serves as Lead Consultant.  He also currently serves as a committee member of the Institute of Chartered and Public Accountants of Kenya, director at Co-op Bank Sacco, and Chairman of Tumaini Children’s home.

Joel’s rich profile has gotten him featured on Kenya’s national television and radio shows, and has seen him deliver leadership and motivational speeches in various nations across Africa as well as South Korea and Chile.

He is the author of the personal leadership book “Between Me and My Exploits” – Overcoming Self-Imposed Barriers to Greatness.

Associate Trainer

Sheba is the MD at Roarke & Bartley a vibrant Integrated Marketing Services Agency that specializes in Brand Management, Event Management, Digital Marketing and Market Research. She has been involved in project management and business development in Kenya and Norway since 2011. Her business purpose is to empower brands and businesses to engage with their customers positively and profitably.

Sheba’s life purpose is to empower people to enjoy excellence in their lives through active use of their time, energy and financial resources.  To achieve this, she is a trainer at Centonomy and is a regular speaker and trainer at various workshops and events. Among her key areas of focus is Sales & Marketing for Business Growth. Sheba also actively serves on the Board of Event Managers Association of Kenya, which enables its members in Kenya to create, practice and maintain professional standards in the events industry.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business Administration – Finance from USIU – Africa, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University.