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"Purpose: The key to your success and fulfillment"

A critical indicator of living your life on purpose is your daily engagement in the market place.  What type of work do you do from morning till evening?  Do you experience fulfilment in your work?  Are you pursuing a career or business that truly resonates with who you are or are you frustrated and yearning for a change?  Do you sometimes feel or think that there must be more to your life than what your current work circumstances are delivering to you?  How quickly would you quit the work you do daily if all your monthly bills were fully catered for?  Do you have a secret longing to exchange the work that you do for a more exciting engagement?  Your answers to these and other such questions indicate whether you have found your place of purpose and calling in the market place.  At Potensheer, we harness all our efforts to help you gain control over your work life so you can enjoy a daily experience of freedom to do and be what you were created to be.

Through the Potensheer Purpose Program, we provide tools and practical steps that enable you to walk away from frustrating and unfulfilling career and business engagements, and equip you to design a…

“Everyone is born with a special life tune, discover and sing yours.”

Rosemary Ngigi
Lead Coach, Potensheer

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Potensheer Purpose Program

Tuesday 16 October 2018 at Anniversary Towers.


Discover what that is by signing up for this life transforming Potensheer life purpose discovery program.

Classes commence on Tuesday 16 October 2018.

Reserve your slot TODAY with only Kshs. 500 payable via MPESA Paybill No.: 880697 Account Name: Enter Your Name

For more details reach us on 0790 482 266 / 0732 949 331.

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Do you desire greater progress in life?

Join the Potensheer Purpose Program within the next 7 days and get a 10% discount off the coaching fee.

Do you desire greater progress in life?

Life Purpose Clarity is vital for progress and success in life. You deserve the kind of success that is consistent with your TRUE WORTH.

Join the Potensheer Purpose Program within the next 7 days and get a 10% discount off the coaching fee.

Registration fee: Kshs 500

Pay via Mpesa Paybill No. 880697; A/C Name (enter your full name).

Offer valid till: 13th June 2018.

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