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While we all desire to do exploits and deliver great value to the world, many of us fail to do so for varied reasons.

For some, the failure to launch and do exploits arises from a lack of clarity about exactly what to do and or how to do it.

For others, failure to launch arises from their personal denial of their own truth! They know what they deeply desire, they know 100% that they want it, yet their fear of standing out holds them back. They are the ones Marianne Williamson spoke about when she said, and I’ll paraphrase: ‘You ask yourself, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You forget that your playing small dies not serve the world, and there’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you!’ These category of people forget, or worse still, do not know that the world is a better place when they stand out! They forget that they were born to manifest the glory and goodness of God that lies within them, and that ‘as they let their own light shine, they unconsciously give other people the permission to do likewise’.

For yet another category of people, the stumbling block is pure selfishness! They are the ones you’ll frequently hear asking: ‘Is my dream good enough?’ ‘Is it worth pursuing?’ ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘Am I truly cut out for this; do I have what it really takes?’ And the big one: ‘What will people think!!??’ Their questions revolve around themselves and at the altar of their own fear of their perceived public opinion, they sacrifice their power laden dreams! These category of people have long forgotten that their dreams were never about them in the first place but about serving humanity and God’s creation at large!

In a recent Potensheer Cohort 4 purpose class, participants fed the class with a heavy dose of inspiration as they each shared their Life Purpose Statements for the first time. They went on to share the list of the purpose-driven solutions they each plan to deliver to the world. These are great ladies and gentlemen who have set their minds to get the clarity they need to launch out and do exploits! They are saying YES! to their true worth and are raring to step out and deliver the magnificent value they carry for the world.

What about you? Is or has anything been holding you back in any area of your life? Do you feel that you should and could be doing more with you life? The Potensheer Purpose Program tackles in depth this and other conversations on “harnessing self for success and fulfillment in life”. Click here to learn more about the Program.

Rosemary W. Ngigi is a life coach in the area of life purpose discovery and the effective harnessing of self to do exploits and maximise potential.

Connect with her via rosemary.ngigi@potensheer.com | Facebook @Rosemary W. Ngigi